8th January 2013

Dear All,


I hope you all had a very pleasant Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.


I would like to thank the Gavigan family for hosting Ann's birthday party in the club and I am sure all her guests and members had a wonderful night with great Irish entertainment.


I would also like to thank Wally Clifford, Frank Ayling and Matt Rochford for organising and running our darts event, which was a massive financial success. I apologise to our bingo players for any inconvenience that this event caused and assure you that we will endeavour to run other events so as not to clash with your bingo. 


I would like to remind you all that membership fees are now due.


I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the quiz this Thursday night and at our Race Night on Saturday the 19th of January.


We will be holding an informal meeting on Friday the 1st of February at 7pm at which point we will bring all of our members up to date with our current financial status. I am sure that after our disastrous results for last year at our AGM you will all be interested to see how the situation has improved.


Finally, I would like to thank all of our staff for their hard work over the festive season.


Kind Regards,

Tony Jones

4th February 2013

Dear All,

I would like to thank you for attending our meeting last Friday and it was pleasing to see so many of you here. For those of you who did not attend I have printed the contents below this message.


I would remind you all that if you have not paid your membership fees we would be grateful if you could pay them as soon as possible.


It was great to see so many of you at our recent quiz, especially our new members. Our next quiz being Thursday March the 7th.


Our party bookings are now gathering momentum and should you or any of your family wish to make a booking please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Thank you once again for all your support.


Tony Jones

Informal Meeting Friday 1st February, 2013 at 7.00 pm


I would like to thank everybody for attending and the continuing support of Steve O’Connell our newly appointed president.

I would like to start the meeting by taking us back to our AGM last year on 21st July 2012. Prior to the meeting the myself and the committee met with our auditors, at which point they suggested we hold the meeting as planned then lock the doors and close the club for good. This was the stark reality of our trading position at that point.

Myself and the committee had no intention of giving up on a club which we all love.

Why were we in this position?

I must point out that this situation did not happen overnight.  The club had been incurring losses for the previous 3-4 years, but with our surplus funds we had been weathering the storm.

With regard to this situation we had identified many of the shortfalls and problems that landed us in this position. Some which we could resolve immediately and some we needed time to resolve and some were simply out of our hands.


We owed in excess of £10,000 in unpaid bills; this did not include a debt which we had with Fullers brewery and also a bill from our auditors for £3,000. I was led to believe that this debt owing to Fullers was around £4,000.  I met with the breweries representatives and our previous secretary, Jane, only to be told that the total outstanding was £10,192.06.  In addition we were behind in our monthly Inland Revenue payments and which are now completely up to date.


I spoke with the finance department of fullers so as to keep our supply of beer uninterrupted and we agreed a payment plan whereby our weekly delivery would be paid for in cash on delivery basis and committed ourselves to pay back an additional £250 per week. This method of payment has continued to date and as of today’s date we owe Fullers a total of £2,013.52 being a reduction of approximately £8,000.


I then met with the ACC who agreed to loan the club £10,000. This then allowed us to keep trading and gave us some breathing space to resolve the various problems that we had.




What have we done and what do we intend to do?


  1. 1.   We have dramatically reduced our staff costs.
  2. 2.   We have rented out the flat above at a rate of £1,300 per calendar month. I have a pleasure in informing you all that the tenants we selected have caused us no problems and have made every single payment on time.
  3. 3.   We now buy all of our beers, wines and spirits and soft drinks at a far superior rate
  4. 4.   Entertainment has been reduced.  We have renegotiated with our DJ’s and some evenings, as you will be aware, are now self funding via ticket sales


With regard to the entertainment I know that some people may be disappointed with how this has gone but unfortunately this was a commercial decision that had to be made.  I would also point out that for some peculiar reason each time we have a paying event we tend to have a packed house.


  1. 5.   We no longer employ a full time secretary.  You may ask how we can survive without a full time secretary, but the answer to this is quite simple, myself and other members of the committee have taken on several of Jane’s tasks. Our new bookkeeper, Sue Patterson, is extremely efficient and has helped to give a much clearer overview of our accounts.  She reports to me on a weekly basis.  The total saving per month is in excess of a staggering £1,200.


  1. 6.   Expanding our membership and initiating our website. This project has, in the main, been taken on by Jason Lawless who has done a fantastic job.  Our target for the year 2013 is 800 members.

In the past 5 years our average membership has been running at approximately 500.  As of the 31 January, 2012 we had 272 members had rejoined. As of the 31 January 2013 our new members and rejoined members have totalled 401 Which, I am sure you will agree, is a move in the right direction.

  1. 7.   Events and Parties.

This is where you can all help.  Our target for each month is to generate 4 nights as a minimum whereby something over and above the standard running of this club takes place.  We run a quiz night each month and I would ask you all to come along and join in. 

Organise a party here or a family celebration! Encourage your friends to join the club and help us reach 800 members target.  A fact from the ACC is that on average only a third of members actually use their clubs.

  1. 8.   We have a wonderful garden, thanks to Tommy Kent; we allow all of our member to use our BBQ facilities.  Therefore during the warmer months please feel free to organise a family BBQ in the garden and we could also, if need be, set up an outside bar.


As we still need to generate more money for the club to get us back to where we want to be, we would welcome any suggestions by any of our members.  So if you have any ideas please jot them down, pop them in the suggestion box and I can assure you they will all be considered.


During the month of February we will be offering a £15 bar voucher for any members introducing a new member.


Before I finish this meeting with our current financial state of affairs I would like to thank several people who without their help this club may not have survived.


  • All our valued members of staff
  • The ACC for their financial backing and advice, without their help over the past 2 years this club would have closed
  • Fullers Brewery for their patience and financial support
  • Frank and Jean Smith for all their voluntary work
  • Gerry Russell, Terry Porter and all voluntary members who help out at our Wednesday and Sunday Bingo
  • Geoff Lummes who has assisted with our graphic design work
  • Wally Clifford and Frank Ayling for organising our successful darts competition
  • Dicky Goy, Jonny Bare and Gary Howland who carry out various maintenance tasks around the building
  • Sam Peters who ran our race night and always helps with our outdoor functions
  • Every member or non member who has held a function here
  • And finally all members of our extremely depleted committee





With Regard to our Current Financial Status I am happy to report as follows:



Our banking situation as of 21st July 2012 was a zero balance and a total liability in excess of £23,000.  Our current situation is as follow:


  1. 1.   Our outstanding debt to Fullers has been reduced to £2,013.52.
  2. 2.   We made a payment plan with the auditors and owe £1,400.
  3. 3.   We have an outstanding debt with the ACC for monies borrowed to pay off our previous stewards and also the further loan to assist us as previously stated.  I met with the senior members of the ACC on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 and renegotiated our loan so as to start repayments as of 1st April 2013.  I took this action as our debt to Fullers and our auditors would both be repaid at this point.
  4. 4.   We now have 2 bank accounts.  Our current account has a balance of £1,165.24. With our creditors being paid up to date.

Our deposit account has a balance of £14,083.73.  These          figures have been reconciled by our current bookkeeper and verified by myself.


I sincerely hope that this comes as great news to our members and I assure you that I will continue to move our club in the right direction.


Kind Regards,

Tony Jones

21st February 2013

Dear All,


It is with regret that myself and the committee have accepted the resignation of Tina, our bar manager. We would like to thank her for all her hard work and assistance in turning around the finances of the club. I would also like to thank her personally for all the time she spent, before taking over as bar manager, running the club for nothing. We wish her every success in the future and look forward to seeing her as a valued member.


We have had great assistance from all the other members of staff helping to cover all the necessary hours. 


With regard to the food situation as of next week there will be a lunchtime menu available from Wednesday through to Saturday inclusive. As of March we will be reintroducing our Sunday roasts.


Our next quiz is on the 7th March we hope to see as many of you as possible for a fun night. There are only 70 tickets left for the Funk SoulVation group on the 30th March so please hurry to buy your tickets before they sell out.


We have a new satellite TV package in place which gives us the following channels:

Sky Sports 1 - 4

Sky Sports News


At the Races

Sky Sports F1

British Eurosports.

The system operates under a normal remote control system from the front bar.


Thank you once again for all your support.

 Tony Jones

8th March 2013

Dear All,


Just a quick update to let you know as January and February are normally tough months for the club we have had a very steady start to the year, thanks to all your support. 


Our new television system is going extremely well as I am sure you have all found out.


Our food situation has now been resolved and we are fully booked for this coming Sunday. Please feel free to book for any Sundays in the near future. Our function bookings are also on the up and I thank all of you who have booked for your support.


I am extremely pleased to announce that two of our valued members have offered their services and have been co-opted on to the committee. Gary Howland who will be helping out with various maintenance works and Geoff Lummes who will be assisting Jason with our IT and graphic design requirements.


Our FunkSoulvation night on the 30th March has very limited tickets left, so please get your tickets asap. Our Quiz nights are gaining momentum and again I'd like to thank all of our regulars and don't forget all new comers are welcome. Our next Quiz will be slightly different as it will be an interactive music quiz on Friday 12th April.


I'd just like to thank all of the staff for their hard work.


Thank you once again for all your support.

Tony Jones


10th April 2013

Dear All,


Just a quick note to update you on how things are in the club. March was a good month with our party bookings ever increasing. We had a very busy night and would like to thank Brian Hales and his family for a wonderful evening celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.


Our FunkSoulvation night was a massive success and we would like to thank Ian Guest for entertaining us all and putting on a great show. We are hoping to secure a further booking with him later on in the year and I'm sure this will be a sell out too.


Our two new members of the committee have settled in well and Geoff will be hosting our May Quiz as I am away.


With regard to our upcoming events we have a great interactive Music Quiz this friday night, hosted by Sam Peters and food will be available. Please don't forget our St George's night party on the 20th April. We have our ever popular Barry J entertaining us on that night and there is no charge for members.


Some dates for your diary. Our next Quiz night is May the 2nd and on the 11th May we have our Oast House Quiz, which is always popular. It would be great to have another full house to support this very worthwhile charity.


I'd just like to thank all of the staff for their hard work.


Thank you once again for all your support.


Tony Jones


15th May 2013

Dear All,


I would like to start my message by offering Gerry Russell and all his family my sincere condolences for the loss of his wife Maureen. They have both been long term members who have contributed a great deal to the club and Maureen will be sadly missed.


With regard to the club in general we are still trading healthily and the support through our private functions is still a key part of our profitability. With this in mind please don't hesitate in contacting members of the committee or Kelly should you have any function requirements, large or small. We have also invested in two new gas bbqs and hopefully if the weather improves anyone can feel free to use them in the garden.


Congratulations to Crystal Palace on their superb performance in reaching the play off finals. The final will be shown on the big screen on Monday the 27th May at 3pm. With the support of the brewery we will be offering Carling at £2 a pint from kick off until the first goal is scored. We will also be raffling a new team shirt so please come down and support your local club.


The Canterbury Oast Trust Quiz night was not as well supported as we would have liked, but even so the generosity of all who attended was magnificent and the club have donated a massive £480 to this worthwhile charity.


With regard to our monthly quiz I am pleased to announce that on the 6th of June we will be offering a cash prize of £100 to our winning team and hope this will be well attended. We also will be hosting a Psychic Experience on Thursday 20th June from 6.30pm - 10.30pm. Non members welcome and we hope this may be the start of a regular event.


Last, but by no means least. Myself and all of my fellow committee members would like to thank Kelly for all her hard work over the last three months. She is doing a sterling job and coping very well with the extra responsibilities. 


Thank you once again for all your support.


Tony Jones

20th May 2013


Dear All,


I would just like to say a personal thank you to our staff and committee members who worked last Saturday from 10.00 AM until the early hours of Sunday morning. As many of you would know we hosted two private parties on Saturday, which turned out to be one of the busiest days in the club’s history. I don't want to single out anyone, but it would be an injustice if I didn't mention Kelly and Gary Howland who both worked the whole shift.

I appreciate that some members may not be in favour of hosting parties in the club but until we are totally financially stable, they are a necessity. The good news is that Saturday takings were an all time record! This is great news for our finances.

Thanks also to both families for using our facilities. Both of whom thanked us immensely for use of our club.


As a result of such a great weekend the committee has decided that next weekend’s live band will now be free for members. Return tickets to the bar for a full refund.

Kind regards
Tony Jones

5th July 2013

Dear All,


I hope your are all enjoying the summery weather we are having. Please don't forget that if you are restricted for space in your garden you are more than welcome to use our bbq facilities and garden area.


I feel I must dispel a rumour that has unfortunately spread within certain factions of our club. We will not be closing at Christmas and I urge you all to attend our AGM on the 19th July to hear the true facts on the progress we have made over the last twelve months.


Our recent Quiz night reflected the great all round atmosphere which we now have in the club. The winning team, which would like to remain anonymous, donated their entire £100 prize money to the Family Fun Day. Myself and all our committee would like to thank them for their generosity. The next Quiz will be held on the 1st of August. We look forward to seeing all of our regulars and would encourage anyone who has not attended in the past to come along and enjoy a great night.


I look forward to seeing you all at our AGM and welcome you to come to our Family Fun Day and hurl sponges at me whilst I'm detained in the stocks. (No stones please!).


Thanks again for your support.



Tony Jones

25th July 2013

Dear All,


It was a good turn out for our AGM and I hope you were all pleased with our excellent trading results. It was pleasing to announce a small profit after at least four years of loss making. Minutes of the AGM will be available shortly on the website.


Our Family Fun Day was very well attended and we raised a total of £1041, which will go to our club fund to improve our facilities. We were also lucky enough to sign 12 new members as a result of the Family Fun Day. It was great to see so many of our non committee members helping to make a very special day.


I am also pleased to announce that for the coming year after weeks of negotiation with various breweries we have secured more favourable trading terms, which will enable us to keep our bar prices lower for longer. I must thank Kelly personally for all her hard work with regard to these negotiations. 


We are pleased that this weekend we will have a new cider on offer from Friday to Sunday inclusive. This will be Stowford Press, available at £2.50 a pint.


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our monthly Quiz Night, next Thursday 1st August and again we will be offering £100 first prize.


Lastly, we will be hosting a charity day on the 27th September in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support who do such great work for sufferers. The day will consist of a coffee morning and a karaoke in the evening. The karaoke has been donated by our resident DJ's, Pat and Debbie, for which we are very gratetful. Should anybody wish to help out or donate a prize please see myself or Kelly.


Thanks again for your support.



Tony Jones

1st October 2013

Dear All,

I hope you had a pleasant summer and you are enjoying using our club. Our Macmillan day last Friday was a resounding success, raising over £1400 even during a time when money is very tight. We would like to thank all of the members and local businesses who generously donated raffle prizes. Our thanks especially to Kelly and her family for organising the event and working the entire day. We would also like to thank Debbie and Pat, our resident DJ's, who put on a wonderful karaoke completely free of charge. We hope to make this an anuual event and look forward to your continued support.


We have just had a new BT Sport package installed and we will be showing the live Saturday games and also a three o'clock kickoff on the big screen. We will also be offering all draught beers at £2.50 from kick off until the first goal is scored each week.


We are also starting our Sunday lunches again at £5.95 with children under ten eating free. We will also have the football during the Sunday afternoons. We will endeavour to email you at the beginning of the week with the matches that we will be showing.


The Quiz nights are going well and we are also running a Curry night on Thursdays with a drink and a curry for £5. This will also be available on our Quiz nights.


Thank you for your continued support.



Tony Jones

16th November 2013

Dear All,

As we approach the festive season we are pleased to inform you that our club goes from strength to strength. Over the last two weeks we have held two Thursday night quizzes, one hosted by Sam and Dave Peters and the second our own Quiz. Both nights were superbly attended and we would like to thank Sam, Dave and Kelly for all their hard work.


With regard to our Wednesday and Sunday bingo nights should you know anybody who would enjoy these events please let them know that they will be welcome as our attendances especially on Wednesday have diminished. We will be holding a meat raffle on these nights prior to Christmas.


We are very fortunate to have received an anonymous cash donation that has enabled us to secure a table tennis table. Further details will follow on our notice board.


Subscriptions will be due from 1st December until the 31st January, but the committee have decided that should your renew your membership by the 14th January you will receive a complimentary drink voucher.


We have a new promotion on Thursday nights, which is a Lucky Membership Draw. Details are available on our notice board.


Our Oast House Quiz has been confirmed for the 1st February 2014 and we would appreciate any teams registering behind the bar.


On a disapointing note we did receive an anonymous letter regarding our Firework night. Should that member wish to receive our right to reply, please attend our next committee meeting on 2nd December at 7.15pm when the committee will be happy to set the record straight. All other feedback we received about the Firework evening were totally positive and again we must thank the generosity of our members and Sam, Kelly and Mike our local quiz buff for all their help.


New Years Eve will follow the same pattern as in previous years. It will be a ticketed event with tickets required by both members and guests. Members free, guests £10. Tickets available shortly.


We would also welcome all of our long standing and new members to join us for a complimentary drink on Christmas Day between 12 - 2pm.


Our annual Christmas draw tickets are available for sale behind the bar and we would appreciate your support in making this another success.


Thank you for your continued support.



Tony Jones

24th December 2013

 Dear All,

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. We would like to see as many of our members and your families in the club on Christmas day between 12pm and 2pm. To qualify for your free member's drink please bring your current membership card.


Next year our first quiz will take place on Thursday the 9th of January. All regulars and any newcomers will be more than welcome. Curry and a drink will be available on that night for only £5 and £100 will be on offer for our winning team.


As many of you will be aware we now have a lovely table tennis table and with the help of some of our members we will be arranging regular competitions on a Tuesday evening.


A reminder that you can still qualify for a free drink by renewing your membership no later than the 14th of January and please be aware that membership renewals are required no later than the 31st January.


New Year's Eve tickets are still available, but only in limited numbers. Please hurry to avoid disappointment.


We would welcome any raffle donations for our Oast House Trust quiz evening, which will take place on Saturday the 1st February. We would love to have a full house to support this worthy charity.


Myself and all of our committee members would like to thank all of our staff for their sterling work throughout the year.


Thank you for your continued support.



Tony Jones


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